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welcome. We have a passion for business I.T. & design

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No two clients are the same, which is why we make sure every service we offer matches you. Let us know you!

i.t. services.Bringing your business quality



High Standards

We aim to be dynamic with our customers to ensure we offer efficient service, fresh designs, reliable hosting, business IT optimisation and professional graphics capability.

Our Philosophy

Using the combined skills and learnings from past achievements we always expect top performance when finding solutions.

Our Goal

We have set our goal to be Xzeeno - Business IT Service Provider of Australia. We are constantly developing further resources and benefits for our customers.

Services we offer

  • On-site Computer Management
  • PC Virus & Malware Protection
  • Hardware Management
  • Networking - Wired & Wireless
  • PC & laptop repairs
  • In-house Backup services
  • Network Storage
  • Business Websites
  • Website Hosting
  • Online Software Hosting
  • Online Cloud Solutions
  • Local & Remote Servers
  • Custom System Builds
  • VPS Management
  • More being added

Why choose Xzeeno Our team is small but professional


Creative Minds

Our team's minds are always open to new ideas, concepts and styles. Join us knowing that you will always recieve the best solution. Xzeeno's creative spectrum ranges from graphic design to even the way your network is setup.

Reliable Technology

When we choose our hardware, software and service providers - we make sure they can pass our own XST (Xzeeno Stress Test). This test covers: durabiliy, performance, safety, support speeds and efficiency.

On-Site Operations

Hate talking to some Switch-off-and-back-on-again support team? We do too! That's why Xzeeno gives clients the ability to hire an on-site specialist to give your business what it needs.

Keep it simple.

Let's not make things complex by blasting you with heaps of spec's about our hardware and services. We give you the information you need upfront and if you want to know more, feel free to throw some questions at us to test our knowledge!

You're covered Need a service we dont currently offer?

Whether it's us providing you the service or recommending a third party that can perform to our standard, we always have your business covered.

If you have looked through our services didn't find what you were looking for, Xzeeno is only an email away from providing a custom service or refering you to a list of providers that have passed our XST (Xzeeno Stress Test).

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